Offering therapeutic yoga, public yoga classes for children and adults, park yoga at Kaihin Park, English teaching, and English writing (proofreading, editing) services.
See services page for all private service offerings and class calendar for public classes.
What is therapeutic yoga?
In private and small group sessions, I offer breathing, movement, and meditation experiences to enhance body awareness and/or address specific conditions or issues. The tools I offer include but are not limited to breath-linked movement, breath awareness and breathing exercises, yoga poses, and meditation. I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions; rather, I hope the tools offered inspire and empower clients to find and embrace the wholeness and sense of well-being already available within. If combined with English teaching, I lead clients to voice the experience of movement and internal sensations in English.
Brooke Lathram-Abe, M.A., RYT500

I have lived in Japan for more than 10 years since completing a Master's Degree in Asian Studies at the University of Michigan. I worked for three years as a project manager at a marketing research company in Tokyo, as an English conversation instructor in various settings, and as a freelance Japanese to English translator/proofreader. Currently I am involved in translation projects and  proofread English language teaching materials. Since 2016 I have been teaching yoga to children and therapeutic and mindfulness yoga classes to adults in yoga studios, at a preschool, at my home, in parks, etc., throughout Chiba prefecture.

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